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Work at night and sleep during the day. This is the lifestyle of a local bread baker, Emily. Waking up when most of the world is asleep, Emily pulls on her white baker’s clothes at around 2 am and drives to work shortly after.

After working from 3 am to 11 am, Emily goes home and does what daytime workers would call their nighttime routine. Emily feeds her cats and has a shower before having her biggest sleep of the day over lunchtime. Then she wakes up for a few hours, eats dinner, and then has a nap until 2 am when it’s time to go to work again. 

Despite the unconventional working hours, Emily finds joy in her job. She shares, “The best part of waking up early is finishing early.” This allows her to have the rest of the day to pursue her interests, a luxury not many can enjoy. “I chose baking because I couldn’t find a job, and the bakery was the only place to reply back to me”. That was thirteen years ago.

Emily is now the Production Manager for a local bakery in Manningham. Depending on the day, her job consists of different tasks. She could be “on the bowl” responsible for mixing and portioning the dough or “on the ovens” baking the bread. Emily enjoys many parts of the job, including “whacking bread out of the tins” and eating the pink sprinkles. 

Being a baker is a unique job that operates at different times of the day than most other businesses. It is a rewarding job to be involved in making the products that many customers come back and buy multiple times a week. These are all reasons why Emily has been happy and content in her job for 13 years, and has no plans to change careers anytime soon.