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Man slashed with a knife during a home invasion in Doncaster East

Photo Credit: 9News

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A man from Doncaster East, Melbourne has been slashed with a knife during a terrifying home invasion. According to Gillian Lantouris and Emily Bennett from 9News, the 60-year-old grandfather was at his son's house when around eight youths broke in just after 5am Wednesday morning.

The grandfather, his son, daughter-in-law and 18-month old were all sleeping during this time and were woken up to the sound of the gang stealing three of the family's luxury cars.

Together, the father and son tried to stop the thieves, however the grandfather was slashed in the hand by a knife whilst trying to intervene.

Police were then called to a Narre Warren Coles Express Service Station just before 7am, due to receiving reports of two rival gangs fighting.

Witnesses told 9News that the youths were fighting inside with machetes and poles.

Gillian Lantouris confirmed in her most recent Twitter / X post that 8 youth gang members between the ages of 15-18 have been arrested over the incidents.