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Teen thieves raid Melbourne home in Warrandyte Street, Warrandyte

Photo by Michael Förtsch / Unsplash

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According to 9News, seven teenagers have allegedly broke into a Warrandyte home in Melbourne’s east, and stole three cars from the home last month - a Toyota Hilux, Subaru Forester and a Honda.

The family of seven were sleeping during the incident and woke to the terrifying news. 

The woman who spoke on behalf of the family claimed it brought her mind straight to her friend Ash Gordon, a doctor that was stabbed and murdered in Doncaster earlier this year, whilst chasing down a group of thieves invading his house. 

One of the family members of the Warrandyte home had her laptop, credit card and Subaru allegedly stolen. 

The Subaru was then found shortly later, allegedly loaded with weapons. 

A week later, the Honda, belonging to the family was spotted at Fountain Gate Shopping Centre, when the driver allegedly failed to stop for Police.

The two teens that were allegedly inside the vehicle were arrested, however have now been released on bail.

The stolen cars are believed to have been used by the teens to commit other armed robberies. 

Three other homes in Warrandyte Street, have also reported alleged home invasions.

At this stage four teens have been charged, including a 13-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl.