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Two teenagers plead not guilty over the stabbing murder of Doncaster Doctor

Photo Credit: 9News

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Two teenagers charged over the stabbing murder of Dr Ash Gordon have had their case fast-tracked to the Supreme Court.

According to The Age, the two teens allegedly showed a friend the 'bloody knife' after the attack and have both pleaded not guilty over murdering the 33-year-old in January.

On Thursday, during a hearing in Children's Court, prosecutors claimed there was a third child who played a role in entering the home, however this teen was not there when Gordon was stabbed.

The two boys stole sneakers, headphones, a gaming computer, a Louis Vuitton wallet and a key to a Mitsubishi Triton, all of which belonged to Dr Ash Gordon.

It is believed that prior to the incident, Gordon was involved in a confrontation with the two teens, and was later found severely injured in Eildon Street at 5:30am. He died at the scene.

The two teenagers are now facing three charges including murder, aggravated burglary and theft.