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Woman from Donvale charged after scamming people on Facebook Marketplace

Photo by Timothy Hales Bennett / Unsplash

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According to Victoria Police, detectives have charged a woman from Donvale after she scammed several people on Facebook Marketplace.

The 37-year-old from Donvale allegedly listed for sale a number of high-end fashion items on Marketplace from April until May.

At least 20 people fell victim to this scandal, after purchasing expensive items from the seller, but never ended up receiving the goods.

The Donvale woman was arrested June 12 and has been charged with 25 counts of obtain property by deception.

Facebook Marketplace users should be warned and fully aware about potential scammers online, and should try their best to make sure they are buying off genuine sellers, before transferring large sums of money for items they haven't yet received. One way to avoid being scammed is by asking to pick up the item from the sellers house and then simply pay cash or bank transfer upon arrival.